School Holidays in October: Children are having fun, Schools will remain Closed for so many days

School Holidays in October: As many types of festivals are being celebrated across the country at present and many festivals are about to come, meanwhile the month of October will start after a few days and there are many holidays in this month. These holidays will be in both government schools and private schools. Today in this article we will talk only about the holidays coming in the month of October. Are going to know the information.

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After knowing the information through this article, you will get to know on which dates there are holidays in the month of October and for what reason, and apart from this, you will get to know other important information under this article. Today’s article is going to be an important informational article for the students who are waiting for the holidays, hence read this article till the end.

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School Holidays in October

Many students studying in school wait for the holidays to finally arrive. After a few days, the month of September will end and the month of October will begin. Like the month of September, there are many holidays in the month of October too which are due to some festivals. You will know information about these festivals and holidays in this article.

The first holiday under the month of October is 1st October because 1st October is Sunday and Sunday is a holiday in all schools and colleges. The next holiday after 1st October will be on 2nd October because 2nd October is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and on this day, a holiday is kept in many schools, so in such a situation, the holiday can be kept on this day in your school also.

8th October is again the second Sunday of the month of October, so this day will also be a holiday. After this, there is Prannath Jayanti on the 13th of October and Mahalaya Amavasya on the 14th of October. So there may be a holiday on both these dates also. October 15 is the first day of Sharad Navratri, so there will be a holiday in all government and private schools on this day. October 20 will be the first day of Durga Puja festival, so a holiday can be declared on this day also. Maha Saptami is on the 21st of October, Maha Ashtami is on the 22nd of October, Mahanavami is on the 23rd of October and Dussehra is on the 24th of October. So you can get holidays on these days also. Apart from these days, holidays can also be available on the 28th and 29th of October.

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How many School holidays will there be in the month of October?

You can get 10 days’ holiday in the month of October. The festivals mentioned above. Many of them will be holidays and in some schools, some of these days may not be holidays. But holidays will be observed in most schools. There are four holidays in every month only on Sunday, so these four holidays are confirmed for you. Apart from this, holidays are also declared due to festivals and some other reasons.

In comparison to other months, you will get good holidays in the month of October, no matter which state you live in. You will definitely get holidays at all places on these days. Whenever there will be a holiday in your school, information will be provided to you by the teachers of the schools a day before that, after knowing this you will know for sure when the holiday will be for you in the month of October.

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Holidays in both Private and Government Schools in the Month of October

As we have told you above some dates of the month of October and along with that we have also given information about what is special on that day, then there will definitely be a maximum number of holidays on the mentioned days and these holidays will be there in both government and private schools. If you are a student of a private school then you will definitely see holidays and if you are a student of a government school then you will definitely see holidays. Apart from these holidays, you may get many more holidays due to some other reasons.

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