NCERTs Solutions for Class 9 English

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NCERTs Solutions for Class 9 English
NCERTs Solutions for Class 9 English


UP Board Class 9 English Book Solutions




  • Chapter 1 Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain) [Adapted]
  • Chapter 2 Kabuliwallah (R.N. Tagore)
  • Chapter 3 Playing The Game (Arthur Mee) [Adapted]
  • Chapter 4 A Golden Bowl (Jatak Tales)
  • Chapter 5 Plants also Breathe and Feel (Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose)
  • Chapter 6 The Rules of the Road


  • Chapter 1 The Mountain And The Squirrel (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
  • Chapter 2 Sympathy (Charles Mackay)
  • Chapter 3 The Seven Ages of Man (William Shakespeare)
  • Chapter 4 Indian Weavers (Sarojini Naidu)
  • Chapter 5 I Vow To Thee, My Country (Sir Cecil Spring Rice)

Supplementary Reader

  • Chapter 1 Gandhi Ji And A Coffee Drinker (G Ramchandran)
  • Chapter 2 The Swan and the Princes (A Play)
  • Chapter 3 Letter to the Children of India (Chacha Nehru)
  • Chapter 4 On A Winter’s Night (Based on Munshi Prem Chand’s Story) (Poos Ki Raat)



  1. Parts of Sentence
  2. The Sentence: Types
  3. The Verbs (Transitive Verb and Intransitive Verb)
  4. Primary Auxiliaries (Be, Have, Do)
  5. Modal Auxiliaries
  6. Negative Sentences
  7. Interrogative Sentences
  8. Tenses : Form and Uses
  9. The Passive Voice
  10. The Parts of Speech
  11. Indirect or Reported Speech
  12. Word Formation
  13. Punctuation and Spellings
  14. Translation
  15. Long Composition
  16. Controlled Composition
  17. Letter Writing/Application Writing
  18. Comprehension (Unseen)
  • Appendixes
  • Project Work and Internal Evaluation Test
  • Model Paper



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