MP Board Class 12 Geography Paper Analysis 2024 with Question Paper and Answer Key PDF

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) conducted the Class 12th Geography board exam on March 2, 2024, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Students can now access the MP Board 12th Geography Question Paper 2024 along with the Answer Key. This analysis provides insights into the difficulty level of the exam, including section-wise challenges and overall paper difficulty. Additionally, student reactions and expert opinions on the question paper are included for reference.

Please note that the attached Answer Key is unofficial and tentative. It’s recommended to cross-check your answers with your teacher for accuracy.

MPBSE 12th Geography Exam Review 2024: Insights and Opinions

Discover the MP Board Class 12th Geography paper analysis 2024, featuring student reactions and expert opinions on the exam’s difficulty level and content.

Student Reactions:

  • Question Paper Difficulty: Students found the paper to be moderate overall, with no questions beyond the syllabus.
  • Length: Some students felt the paper was slightly lengthy.
  • Question Types: Objective questions presented a mix of easy and tricky items, while long-form questions were generally easier.

Section-wise Review:

  • Challenging Areas: Multiple-choice and objective questions posed some challenges.
  • Question Types: The exam comprised objective, short answer, and long answer questions.
  • Difficulty Levels: Objectives were tricky, while short and long answers were relatively easier.

Experts Review:

  • Overall Difficulty: Experts noted the paper’s difficulty ranging from easy to moderate.
  • Question Types: Objectives were tricky, while short and long answers were more challenging.
  • Adherence to Syllabus: The paper adhered strictly to the syllabus without any out-of-syllabus questions.
  • Language Proficiency Testing: The exam effectively tested students’ language skills.
  • Question Mix: The paper’s blend of easy and difficult questions provided a balanced challenge.
  • Adherence to Exam Format: The paper followed the prescribed format and exam pattern established by the board, as reflected in sample papers.

This comprehensive review offers valuable insights into the MPBSE 12th Geography exam, aiding students and educators alike in understanding its nuances and challenges.

MP Board Class 12th Geography Answer Key 2024

1 (i) b

(ii) b

(iii) a

(iv) c

(v) d

(vi) c

2 (i) Tourist

(ii) Tea

(iii) Gaddi

(iv) Behavorial

(v) London

(vi) Arunachal Pradesh

3 (i) True

(ii) True

(iii) True

(iv) True

(v) False

(vi) True

4 (i) f

(ii) c

(iii) b

(iv) a

(v) d

5 (i) 16

(ii) UNDP

(iii) 1995

(iv) Groundnut, Mustard 

(v) 382 persons per square km

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