CGPA Calculator | Percentage to CGPA and CGPA to Percentage Calculation

CGPA Calculator: Most of the students are not aware of how to calculate CGPA though it is mentioned in their report cards. CBSE Board gives its score in terms of CGPA. If you are feeling difficulty while understanding the concept of CGPA then this is the right place for you. Here we have explained the manual procedure on how to find the Cumulative Grade Points Average(CGPA). Have an insight into details like the definition of CGPA, Solved Examples. Get to know how to find the CGPA and Percentage from the CGPA Grades.

What is CGPA?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average. CGPA is nothing but the average of grade points obtained by students in all the subjects excluding the 6th subject. If you want to know how much percentage you have secured in your board exams you need to convert from CGPA to Percentage.


How to Calculate CGPA?

Follow the simple and easy guidelines on how to calculate the CGPA manually and find the Cumulative Grade point average instantly. They are along the lines

  • Add the Grade Points of the 5 main subjects given.
  • Divide the resultant sum obtained with 5
  • The result is the Cumulative Grade Points Average.



Calculate the Cumulative Grade Points Average if the CGPA Grades of Subjects are given as 9, 8, 7, 8, 8?



Given Subject Grades are 9, 8, 7, 8, 8

To find CGPA add the grades = 9+8+7+8+8


Sum = 40

Divide the sum with 5 to get the CGPA


CGPA = 40/5

CGPA = 8


Therefore, the Cumulative Grade Points Average of subjects 9, 8, 7, 8, 8 is 8

CGPA to Percentage

It is important to know the CGPA in Percentages to know how much you have secured. Know how to convert CGPA to Percentage by referring below.


To change CGPA to Percentage all you need to do is simply multiply the CGPS Score obtained with 9.5

FAQs on CGPA(Cumulative Grade Points Average)

1. What is meant by CGPA?


CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average and is the average of grade points obtained by students excluding additional subjects.

2. What is the Full Form of CGPA?


CGPA Stands for Cumulative Grade Points Average.

3. How to Calculate CGPA?


You can calculate CGPA by adding the grade points of main subjects and excluding additional subjects. Divide the sum obtained with 5 and then you get the CGPA.

4. How to find Percentage using CGPA?


You just need to multiply the CGPA Score obtained by 9.5 to get the Percentage.


We hope the knowledge shared on our page regarding the CGPA Calculator has shed some light on you. If you have any queries and feel any information is missing feel free to ask us and we will get back to you. Stay tuned to our site for the latest updates on CGPA Calculator in no time.