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Position of women in India Today - Essay Writing

Introduction – According to Swami Vivekananda ” The country that does not respect women have never become great, nor ever be in future “. Women are the center of our society and they are self-made and self-trained human beings responsible for the moral development of their children, inspiration for the family, and an example for the society to follow.

Status of women in the Past – The position of women in ancient India has been a very complicated one because of the contrasting statement in different religious books. Though women enjoyed the theoretical importance as the wife who was defined as the better – half, in practice she had a lower position than man. She was regarded as a bodily moveable property with no rights.

Status of women Now – There have been a few signs of change. Indian womanhood is on the high side. They are coming into their own. Today, women enjoy equal status with men. Today, modern women are so good and self-sufficient that they can be easily called superwomen. Economic freedom and satellite television have brought about a sea-change in attitudes. Women started participating in many spheres. They are taking up employment in many areas both full-time and part-time. Women started participating in the economic life of the nation in a variety of ways.

Conclusion – Today, a women’s s future is as bright as her past has been dark. Women have shown their worth as leaders and administrators, and time is not far off when Indians will lead the world. It is evident that the place of women in free India is becoming more and more secure with the change of times. She can no longer be dominated and driven like dumb cattle by men. She is now an equal partner in her family.

The Media and Modern life

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